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Reggae con Mr. Saturday

Si creen que conocen de Reggae, piénsenlo de nuevo. Conozcan a Mister Saturday, el puede ser el próximo superartista intergaláctico de reggae. Mister Saturday canta temas de reggae que ningún artista de reggae se atrevería a cantar. Viaje a las estrellas, Land of the Lost y Three’s Company son algunos de los viejos shows de TV que son el tema principal de las canciones de este artista. Mister Saturday el más geeky de todos los artistas de reggae lleva este género a un nuevo público. Te garantizo que nunca has escuchado algo igual.

1. What inspired you to write such bizarrely themed reggae music?

Well, I have loved reggae music for so long and truthfully I really just wanted to hear reggae songs about Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons, comic books and things that are really important to me. Things I really love. I wasn’t hearing anything like that in reggae music. It’s always about rastafari, or just plain slackness. So I decided to create a new genre of reggae myself. I didn’t see any other artist out there who was going to create wicked dance hall tracks about bad ass stuff like Land of the Lost or Three’s Company so I did it myself.

Put It Pon Stun


2.Where do you get your musical influences from? Is it true that you are opening for Weird Al on his next US tour?

I am influenced by many different musical styles. Reggae was probably my first love and then shortly after was heavily into punk rock. I was first introduced to reggae when my family visited the Bahamas for the first time. It would play so loud on the buses that your ears would be ringing when you got off of them. From that point on I was hooked. I really love the early 80’s reggae, singers like Sugar Minnot, Gregory Isaacs and Peter Tosh were some of my favorites. What really resonated with me were the DJs like Toyan, Papa San, Charlie Chaplin and especially Yellowman. When I heard him the first time my life changed. I was also inspired when I heard William Shatner’s “Transformed Man” album and Leonard Nimoy’s hit “Highly Illogical”

As for opening for Weird AL? It’s all rumors. Besides I am only really into his serious songs and he doesn’t play many of them live.

Marshall, Will & Holly


3. Do you really play Dungeons and Dragons? Is it true you have been approached to perform at Star Trek conventions?

Yeah, I play D & D. I play it hardcore. Every saturday night. Once you start you get hooked. It forces you to use your imagination. It becomes a way of life and your life becomes epic.

As far as performing at Star Trek conventions go, I was approached to play. It would be a dream come true. But as of right now no dates have been confirmed. I could definitely see jamming “The Wrath of Khan” at a convention in full costume with my Klingon DJ “Ganga-Leo”.

Three’s Company Too


4. Let’s talk about your Cheez-it music video for your song “Get your own box”-Why sing about Cheez it crackers?

Why not sing about Cheez-its? Eating them is like doing crack. They are so addictive! For awhile I couldn’t stop eating them. I wrote “Get your own Box” when I was eating them heavily and filmed the video right before I quit them “cold turkey”. By watching the video you can see my friends and I were on the road to ruin. I still think about them from time to time.

5. What does the future hold for Mister Saturday?

This is the final frontier of reggae music and I am waiting for the USS Enterprise to pick me up and take me to an intergalactic dancehall. But in the meantime I am working on a ton of new songs with my DJ Ganga-Leo. They will be a lot different than what you are hearing now, his riddims are cosmic. The last year and a half or so I have been working with all of the most popular Jamaican Dancehall riddims, the ones Beenie man, Mr Vegas or artists like Elephant man are all singing over. Check out my myspace page to download my first album for free-its all of those popular riddims with my own take on them. I am also planning a live show Star Trek themed based on the original 1960’s series. This summer is going to be epic, I will boldly be taking reggae music where no one has gone before.

Visit the web to hear more songs: http://www.myspace.com/mistersaturday


3 comentarios

  1. […] just completed an Interview with the Spanish music Blog Musica de los 80 y 90, which you can read Here. It’s a good read and delves into the strangely imaginative mind of this music mastermind.  […]

  2. Si esto esta buenisimoooo!!

  3. Buena Musica http://e_e.ya.st


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